Stanley Ho

character matters..

” In todays context Real Estate business is not just about buying or selling a house, or even going through the process or paperwork. Helping people wholeheartedly is something more than just a jobscope should encompass. I believe character and passion for at the love of people is something that can bring more value and focus to this business. This is my 13th year in this business and I feel it just as my first day will.”

Stanley Ho

Senior Marketing Director

ERA Realty


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I started...

After 2 years of National Service, I was with a Bank for 2 years. Being a young boy clueless, taking a Bachelor Degree was the next logical step. I’ve explored working in Insurance, but it did not really clique wth me. I walked into Real Estate. I met Tanjong Rhu, and the 8 condominiums in that area,  found an instant passion and ambition

At the age of 22, I started my journey with Propnex Realty. Working in and with the residents at Tanjong Rhu made me sure that life is more than games and late nights.

Since 2012.


I celebrate my 12 active years in Real Estate, from my humble beginning in Tanjong Rhu. Although I have worked with and transacted all units and types all over Singapore, Tanjong Rhu was, and will always be home. Transacting over 150 units here in my career, it is always the best gratitude seeing the growth and transformation.

I love people, talking and learning each persons unique story and how they reach to where they are today. 

I love music, travelling to see the world and experience new cultures. 

I love driving, and the cars that exhilarate this experience.

I look forward to meeting you.