Celebrating 12 years of active agency work in Singapore

Stanley Ho in ERA Realty

His History.

With more than 12 years active in the industry, Stanley has transacted over 200 units island wide in all market segments. With his unique personality and helpful character, he can help you plan your next move, as an investor or home owner, or as an aspiring Real Estate agent.


Just for you.

Transaction figures that matter at your convenience.

Amazing things we do.

Buying or selling Real Estate in today’s context is no longer as simple as the past where you just need someone to do paper work. Your plans, financials, kids, living conditions, lifestyles, do really matter to us as if is our own. We see things through as we would our own.

Hear what you really need | Financials | Timelines | Market movements

Photoshoot | Home tours | Listing suitable units 

Hard Negotiations | Conveyancing | Bankers | Completion

Your House really Matters...

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